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Written and directed by Didier Barcelo
Starring Marina Foïs and Benjamin Voisin
In co-production with The Film
Theatrical release 2022



Written and directed by Olivier Babinet
In co-production with Faro et Kidam
Cannes Acid 2016 Selection
Theatrical release 2016

A teen-movie documentary, Swagger carries us in the midst of the astonishing minds of eleven teenagers growing up in one of the most underprivileged neighborhood in France.



A short film by Joséphine Jourdan
Starring Arthur Mazet, Hannah Lévin Seiderman, Cléonce Dupin
In co-production with 27 Films
Digital release 2022



A short film by Thibaut Buccellato
Starring Leyna Bloom and Gaël Carmans
In co-production with 27 Films
Digital release 2022

Disney is a trans girl and just arrived in Paris for a casting. She is supposed to crash at Thomas’ place, a guy she met online.



A short film by Alex Maji
Starring Lionel Abelanski, Abraham Wapler, Sébastien Chassagne,
Broadcasted OCS 2021

While running in the forest, Philippe, a psychopath freshly converted to running, stabs a male prostitute dressed as a woman in a fur coat. But there is a mistake: Adrien, a simple amateur actor, was playing a trans in a student short film. While Adrien's friends try to understand, Philippe realizes that he has lost his brand new geo-localized cardio watch.


Caroline Corbasson

Atacama follows the journey of a young woman carrying a mysterious sealed box from Paris to the Atacama Desert in Chile. The Atacama Desert is one of the most hostile places on earth. Because of its aridity, nothing grows there, nothing lives there. Because of its salinity and dryness, nothing can disappear there either; everything that dies there is perfectly preserved. This immense expanse of red and cracked earth does not allow anything to live or die completely. It is a territory that escapes meaning. At the foot of gigantic telescopes, in the dust of the world’s most arid desert, a tormented personal quest slowly takes shape.

La Fille du Bunker

Eduardo Carretié

Summertime. Javier wanders among the musical trees, the telephone cemetery and the Chiberta golf course. For several days, he's been spying this beautiful girl sunbathing in the middle of a golf bunker, and hesitates to go and talk to her.


Journée Blanche

Félix de Givry

Otto and Martha find themselves alone for a day at Otto's childhood home. The two teenagers, who still know very little about each other, imitate an adult couple and end up getting caught up in the game.

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